The pandemic has led to distressing and uncertain times wherein everyone is locked up in their homes. The absence of normal routines or work often renders a person alone with their thoughts that may at times prove to be overwhelming – and leaves one drained. Likewise, others may be locked up as well but with either family members

The Music of Lahore. It is the year 2003. You are sitting upfront on the house porch, basking in the warmth of a late September afternoon. Your father has accompanied you with a newspaper, cursing the ‘government’ and the ‘economy’ as he furiously flips through the pages.  From a distance, you can see your mother haggling with an impatient sabzi

Lahore Biennale’s depiction of the global south engages the viewer to create modern cultural visuals There are visual echoes that can be seen throughout the Lahore Biennale’s 13 sites, locally curated collateral exhibitions with over 70 artists. The length and breadth of this art event highlights historical buildings of Lahore including the Lahore Fort, Bradlaugh Hall, PIA Planetarium, Tollinton