Dance Training

As the pioneers in dance training, The Colony’s Dance Training programs are constantly evolving to accommodate all genres and skill levels. Catering to both, beginners and seasoned dancers, we provide a wide array of course options.

Modern Contemporary

The Martha Graham style of dance reshaped the contemporary form and brought the art into the 20th century. The technique includes contraction and release, opposition, shift of weight and spirals.

Our Modern Contemporary training revolves around the language of movement that expresses powerful emotions in the Graham technique. It is a form of communication with the audience and with oneself, every movement connecting with the mind. The training program spans from 3 to 6 months, formally training students in balancing, lifts, choreographies, history and a theoretical understanding of dance.

Our instructor for Modern Contemporary is Saad Sheikh from Sway Dance Project. Saad has directed and choreographed more than 20 musicals, various TVCs and music videos. With extensive formal training in the Graham Technique and choreography, Saad aims to train beginners, advanced and pro level performers in this elective. The course is divided as follows:

It gives you an opportunity to take a special choreography elective only open to the students of Modern  Contemporary and Ballet students at The Colony.

Semi Classical

Semi Classical dance breaks the stylised structures and forms of the classical dance and adopts a more contemporary methodology of movement, while maintaining the ethos of the basic dance.

We aim to teach the dance fundamentals of the classical style infused with the fluidity of semi classical and classical Bollywood styles of dance.

Our instructor has been trained in the Lakhnavi and Banarasi ada of Kathak. These dance forms represent love, struggle, emotion and strength.

Our classical slots are limited. Early bird registrations will be given preference for the intake.


Our ballet dancing course provides an environment for young dancers to grow into cutting-edge artists. The Colony’s outstanding technical training and thought-provoking choreographies transform dancers into “whole artists” – those who are well-rounded, culturally aware, and fully engaged in mind, body, and spirit.

This course is taught by Gillian Rhodes, a Dance graduate from Colombia University. With a profound depth of knowledge and an impressive portfolio of real-world dance experience, she has further specialised in Paris, Cambodia, Malaysia and South Korea.

The 3-month minimum training also gives students an opportunity to take a special choreography elective only open to the students of Modern Contemporary and Ballet students at The Colony.

Students are welcome to showcase their progress at our monthly choreographer’s exhibition Sway With Us.

Urban Movement

Urban movement is one of the most popular dance forms in the world that emerged from the streets. Our students learn the basics of commercial dancing and a variety of nontraditional dance genres.

Urban Movement training will cover a myriad of genres including:

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz Funk
  • Waacking
  • Vogue
  • Dance Hall

Our instructor Qasim Ali Hussain is trained from the world-renowned dance school Millennium Dance Complex (Los Angeles) and Fly Steps Academy (Berlin).

Our second instructor, Mehar Bano from Sway Dance Project is an established actress with 7 years of theatre and choreography experience in musicals, dance shows and music videos.

Argentine Tango

Starting with the 8-count steps for Ballroom Tango, instructors Saad Sheikh and Wajeeha Wasti from Sway Dance Project provide an in-depth 3-month training course in the dance form. The course covers improvisation, dominance, body language and various choreographies in both traditional and modern-day Argentine Tango.

Students are welcome to showcase their progress at our monthly choreographer’s exhibition Sway With Us.

Argentine Tango classes have a strict dress code – heels for women and tango shoes for men.

Applicants can register in pairs or individually.

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